Mirrorcube Tree House Enables you to Live High on a Tree with all the Luxuries

There is no better way to feel the nature up close than to live in a tree house. It is not always possible to rough it out in a traditional and primitive tree house as you are used to the luxuries of life. The Treehotel from Tham & Videgård is a good option to look at as it gives you luxurious accommodation in a treehouse. It sure is a unique experience to be living high on a tree house with all the luxuries of the world.

Treehotel has been rechristened as Mirrorcube and you don’t need to travel to Sweden for the opportunity to live in one. Tham & Videgård is making it available in the US and the mirrored cube structure would be brought to you and installed at your desired location. The base of the Mirrorcube is made from lightweight aluminum to ensure that it has the desired strength without adding to the weight. The exterior has a mirrored finish which perhaps inspired the name change. The interiors are elegantly done and hermetically sealed.

There are Swedish tree architecture experts who will take care of the construction, transport and installation. The tree house is ready for use as soon as the installation is completed. The normal delivery time is about four months from the time you place your order. This tree house is barely visible when installed. It is in sync with nature. The price of a standard Mirrorcube is €275,000 which is equivalent to $377,300. Have you ever lived in a tree house?


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