TreeHotel: A Swedish hotel with Treehouses as Rooms!

Now here is a place I liked to go. In the remote northern part of Sweden called Harads, a hotel is opening in which the rooms are actually tree-houses! Right now they just have four rooms: the Cabin, the Blue Cone, the Nest and the Mirrorcube. But by October, they will be expanding, and will add two new rooms called the UFO and A Room With a View.

Called the Treehotel (It couldn’t be more appropriate) its cofounder Kent Lindvall plans to have atleast 24 rooms in the next five years. And he says that each room would be designed by a different architect! The mirrorcube is the most interesting amongst all the rooms, as this one balances in a single tree. The look of it is also amazing! I must say I haven’t seen anything quite like it. Its walls have mirrors which reflect everything, and in a way make this room look invisible. How cool is that!

Anette Selberg who is in charge of the planning the excursions says: “This is untouched forest and we want to maintain it the same way. We decided for example to not offer snowmobile safari which is very common up here.”The place will open on July 17, and will cost $555 for two guests to stay in the super fabulous Mirrorcube.

Via: Reuters

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