A Rotisserie Grill That Looks Like A Briefcase

There is nothing like a good rotisserie grill. The only drawback is that a good rotisserie takes up a lot of space. It is not your most space-efficient kitchen fixture. Not usually anyway. Not until the Carson Portable Rotisserie Grill made its first appearance. I mean, where else do you find a rotisserie that is so compact that it fits right into a briefcase?

The Carson Portable Rotisserie Grill does not require a massive setup. You can set it up pretty much anywhere. If you have to entertain a small group of people, it is hugely convenient. Portability is a huge factor in its favor. All you have to do is close the lid, and carry it around like a briefcase. No one will be any wiser. When you are ready, simply flip the lid open and start grilling your meats and veggies. This rotisserie grill may be small and compact, but it sure does not compromise on the cooking.

There are seven rotating skewers to ensure that your meats and vegetables cook perfectly. Will it be the same as when cooking on a full-sized rotisserie? It should, because you will still be cooking over an open flame. The porcelain covered charcoal tray ensures that you can do this safely. 4,000 cubic inches of cooking volume is a pretty reasonable amount of space, given that this lightweight aluminum briefcase grill can be carried everywhere. All it needs for power is a standing AC outlet or a 12V battery.

The Carson Portable Rotisserie Grill will set you back by $720. But that seems to be a fair price for a this award-winning grill (it won the Barbecue & Grilling 2011 Readers’ Choice Award in the Charcoal Grill category) that travels the world with you.

Via: Uncrate

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