The New Kaweco AC Sport Fountain Pen has a Body Crafted out of Carbon Fiber

Kaweco has been creating superior writing instruments in Germany for over a century now. They have been known not only for their craftsmanship but their innovative designs as well. One of their latest designs is the Kaweco AC Sport fountain pen. It is a sophisticated yet sporty writing instrument. But the factor that makes this pen very different from the others is that it has a carbon fiber body. The material is generally used for creating high-end racing cars, luxury yachts, and even watches. It is a tough yet very light material. We have had experiments with carbon fiber bathtub,carbon fiber  apple skins,carbon fiber bags  and carbon fiber lounge chair.

The other part of the pen has been made out of steel and aluminum. The connector of the pen and the special nib has also been created with light weight aluminum to ensure a smooth follow of the ink that makes writing a pleasure. The other high grade material used for the pen is Iridium, one of the rarest and most long lasting elements known, to make the tip. This sturdy tip allows the user to write practically on any surface.

Peter Bock AG has crafted this remarkable pen with the best of materials. These materials are not normally associated with a pen but have been used carefully to create something unique. The pen has been priced at $120. The price includes the cost of two packs of cartridges of blue ink. People who use their pen often would love it. In case you have someone like that in mind, this pen would make a perfect gift for him in the coming festive season.

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