The X-1 Carbon Fiber Lounge Chair is the Ultimate Furniture for the Ultimate Home

The X-1 carbon fiber lounge chair is good enough to pass off as a decoration piece for your home. It is perhaps the most modern piece of furniture. Inspired by aeronautical design this chair is not just about the looks but performs its function perfectly and you will realize this the moment you sit on it. It is an Italian design and product and the complete lounge chairs are imported from Italy. The core of the X-1 carbon fiber lounge chair is made from honeycomb Nomex material.

The Nomex material becomes extremely stiff when it is combined with the carbon fiber. It can be molded to take a sleek look and it is extremely light in weight. The seat and the back is padded to enhance sitting comfort. The padded portion of the chair is made from high quality leather and is available in a variety of colors. The choice of different colors helps in setting up the lounge chair in any room. The head pillow is flexible and can be set or reset in three different positions to maximize comfort.

The X-1 is basically a full length lounge chair. It is designed in such a way that your body will easily form to its shape. However it is a special chair with a high price tag and is not a mass product for every home. It is being sold by Carbon Fiber Gear, but it would be better to call them on the phone as it is made against order only. You will also have to provide for a lead time of six to seven weeks that it takes for delivery after a firm order. It is worth the wait as it is the ultimate piece of furniture for the ultimate home.

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