Corcel N°1 is the Most Unusual Carbon Fiber Bathtub

Bathrooms are getting more and more luxurious with exclusive fitting coming to the market every other day. Suddenly we are seeing more extravagant luxury bathtubs. Tesla Ecclestone had recently unveiled their $1.5 million crystal bathtub which was truly unique. The one of its kind bathtub was made out of a mono block rock crystal. People had commented that you can’t possibly get more unusual and expensive than the crystal bathtub. But apparently they were wrong because we now have “Corcel N°1,” a full carbon fiber luxury bathtub from the Austrian manufacturer Corcel.

Corcel has positioned the tub as a heavenly body. The tub was developed with a team of highly skilled technical and artistic professionals. The process was long and time consuming, but the result is fascinating. The development process of the artistic No.1 bathtub lasted 7 months. The process started with pure carbon. There were people involved with the project who are highly skilled at handling pure carbon. The material was processed into fine fibers with a diameter of 0.003 to 0.005 mm. The bath tub is extremely durable because it is made from carbon fiber.

The Corcel tub could last generations as it is resistant to electricity, chemicals and harsh temperatures. The design on the tub has been carefully selected from among 24 concepts submitted by artists and designers. The surface coating on the tub is similar to what you find in luxury cars. Each tub is handcrafted with care and precision. Each tub will come with a certificate authenticating its exclusivity. It is limited edition production as only 51 pieces will be made and supplied all over the world. The price is expected to be on the higher side but the details are not available as yet.


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