Lamborghini Releases a Collection of Carbon Fiber Bags

Lamborghini as a brand is associated with the highest end of the high end products. When you think of the brand you think about cars but they have occasionally designed and created things that have no connection with automobiles. But they always ensure that whatever they create is distinct from the others in the category and does justice to the Lamborghini name. It could be a Lamborghini phone or a Lamborghini laptop or a Lamborghini yacht. Recently they have created a collection of carbon fiber bags. There has been carbon fiber backpack but this is perhaps the first collection of carbon fiber bags.

Carbon fiber is finding more and more use in luxury cars. Performance bicycles also use it and it was used extensively for the Lamborghini yacht but it is a very unusual material to be used for an accessory. Lamborghini has the expertise to use the material well and they have created three styles of bags with it. The styles are called Travel, Messenger and Envelope. All of them have been completed with hand stitched leather and finished with palladium. Galvanized brass accessories have been hand mounted and all the bags have been lined by cotton fabric.

Stefan Winkelmann, president and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini is proud of the exclusive creation of the craftsmen who have created these one of a kind bags entirely by hand. The diagonal graphite reflections on the bag highlight its color and attracts you attention immediately. The pricing of the bags also matches the Lamborghini brand name. You can’t really expect it to be inexpensive. The cheapest of the three is the Carbon Envelope bag which can be bought for $1,230. The Carbon Messenger and the Carbon Travel have been priced at $1,500 and $2,100 respectively.

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