Another Roy Lichtenstein Piece Set to Fetch Millions at Christie’s New York Auction

Roy Lichtenstein is one of the most well known names in the world of Pop Art. The man who was influenced heavily by both comic strips and popular advertising of his period brought something unique to the canvas each and every time. A testament to his genius is the fact that his paintings have fetched millions. This time around, that figure is pegged so high that it might make many of us go faint.

His interesting piece, I Can See the Whole Room!…and There’s Nobody in It!, which already set a record of $2.09 million, when it was sold at a Christie’s auction in 1988. It is now again up for auction and experts are pegging the bid to be somewhere between $35 to $45 million! The auction will be held by Christie’s in New York next month and it will be very exciting to see if this piece of art tops expectations as it had done the last time it was put up for bidding. This 1961 work follows the comic book style and has a man peeking through a peephole.

The most expensive Lichtenstein work till date is the “Ohhh … Alright …,” painting that fetched $42.6 million in 2010 at Christie’s pop art sale. The bidding will take place on November 8 and the paintings featured will be Post-War and Contemporary Art pieces. This of course will be the highlight of the sale. Lets wait and see if   “I Can See the Whole Room!…and There’s Nobody in It!” becomes the most expensive Lichtenstein piece.

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