Jamie Wyeth’s Painting Of His Yellow Labrador Sells For $218,000

This one is for art collectors who love dogs. A painting by Jamie Wyeth of his yellow Labrador sold for a whopping $218,000 at a Christie’s auction in New York City. The painting titled “Study of Kleberg” is particularly well-known, with the dark ring around the dog’s eye being the painting’s distinctive feature.

The painting was bought last Thursday by private art dealer Ann Richards Nitze for an as-yet unidentified client. Christie’s pre-sale estimates had put the possible sale price of the painting at $40,000. However, the Wyeth painting eventually sold for over five times the amount. The seller was a collector from Fort Lauderdale.

The painting was based on Wyeth’s own yellow Labrador, Kleberg. Back in the 1980s, the dog had nearly walked into Wyeth’s easel. That was when Wyeth painted the circle around the canine’s eye. This was a throwback to Pete the Pup, a pitt bull with a circle around his eye from the old comedy Little Rascals. In time, Wyeth realised that moustache dye lasted longer than ordinary paint. He began to draw the circle around his pet’s eye using the dye, then touching it up every month.

Over the years, Wyeth painted his beloved Labrador several times. Wyeth’s father was famous American painter Andrew Wyeth. His grandfather N.C. Wyeth was a veteran novel illustrator.

“Study of Kleberg” is an oil painting on canvas where Wyeth has used gouache, watercolour and india ink. The real Kleberg died several years ago and lies buried in a cemetery on Wyeth’s farm.

Via: Art Daily

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