Absolut Introduces A Special Edition Of The World’s Most Luxurious Vodka

One of the most renowned and cherished luxury vodka brands, Absolut, has now unveiled an all new luxury edition of its famous vodka in a brilliant package of a Crystal Pinstripe bottle and company is hailing this new offering as the world’s most luxurious Absolut vodka edition ever. The company that introduced its first ever vodka in the year 1879, has been world renowned for its highly impressive Absolut collection of some of the most sought after vodka varieties in the world. The all new Crystal Pinstripe edition bottles have been designed and developed in collaboration with renowned Swedish designers Skogsberg and Smart, and these gorgeous bottles are hand cut and engraved by the extremely talented workers at Reijmyre glassworks in Sweden. Absolut intends to sell these magnificent bottles on an exclusive basis and hence has chosen only a handful of global travel retail outlets as well as the Arlanda Airport in Stockholm that are authorized to sell these pieces.

Absolut has stated that the company will only be manufacturing 800 of the Crystal Pinstripe edition bottles and each of the bottles will be carrying unique number, while the bottles will be signed by the ‘master cutter’ at Reijmyre glassworks, further attesting to their authenticity. the se Crystal Pinstripe bottles will presented to the customers in a gorgeous treasure chest box, that has been adorned with pinstripe fabric, Absolut is also providing the customer with two matching tumblers for the exquisite vodka. This entire magnificent collection of the most luxurious vodka from Absolut has been heavily inspired from Savile Row pinstripe suit, representing elegance and style and bespoke luxury that will be greatly admired by individual collectors as well as Celestial Bars.

According to Director of The Absolut Company Gobal Travel Retail,

“The Absolut Vodka Crystal Pinstripe Bottle is a unique project for our brand in that it represents a number of our most important brand values premiumness, superior quality, innovation, our proud Swedish handicraft heritage and also the crystal clear purity which has always been a fundamental asset of our Absolut brand image.”

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