Absolut Vodka Rock Edition: A tribute to Rock And Roll!

If any drink screams out rock and roll, then it has got to be the Absolut Vodka Rock Edition. Now we know that Absolut Vodka keeps on coming up with stuff to excite their faithful customers. For me, the best thing about them is the packaging. Their bottles always look great. Sometime back they brought out the bling-bling edition celebrating it’s collaboration with DFS.

And this time the high end vodka brand has come out with a packaging that will definitely catch everyone’s eye. When you imagine a rockstar, you imagine leather and lots of studs among other things. Plus you mix some booze in the concoction, and there you have a rockstar! This limited edition of Absolut Vodka captures that rockstar image perfectly. It is a gift pack wrapped in leather and studs, with the delectable vodka inside it ofcourse.

The designer behind this creation is Natalia Brilli who collaborated with the company for this unique edition. Now that I think more about it, the leather cover looks more like a fetish version. But that isn’t such a bad theme for a drink afterall. I am definitely looking forward to what Absolut Vodka will be coming up with next.

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