The Top Luxury Brands Put their Best Foot Forward in their Fall 2011 Campaigns

Fashion houses work harder on their Fall/Winter collection and its marketing as it contributes more to their annual sales. In today’s competitive world the marketing campaigns and ad campaigns play an important role in making a collection a success or an also ran. The luxury brands go all out in getting the best talent and the best faces to create stunning ad campaigns that attracts the consumer interest and keeps their cash registers ringing. Louis Vuitton and Chanel have been known for creating very imaginative campaigns. We have brought here for you some of the most promising campaigns that we came across.

1.    Fall 2011 Campaign by Giorgio Armani

There is a softness and a sweetness in the fall 2011 collection that one doesn’t usually associate with Armani. This is a major color statement from Giorgio Armani and has used tones for everything. Armani seems to be in an experimental mood, trying out new ideas like the full crinoline skirts, marabou jacket, heavily beaded jackets and long skirts, a high-buttoned jacket worn over gray flannel cuffed and flared crop pants. The opening look of the shows has been a bit of a surprise. The face of their campaign for Fall 2011 is Sasha Pivovarova who has been photographed by Mert & Marcus.

2.    Fall 2011 Campaign by Lane Crawford

Lane Crawford has created a high profile campaign for Fall 2011. The Asian retail giant has assembled a cast of five of the top models from China. They are Fei Fei Sun, Liu Wen, Ming Xi, Shu Pei and Xiao Wen Ju. The faces have been chosen for their impact in the Chinese market which provides the bulk of their turnover to the high end retail chain. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott have shot the ad spot. The models have been shown wearing a palette of black and neutrals from brands like Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, and Lanvin. The international fashion brands and popular Chinese faces make a stunning combination.

3.    Fall 2011 Campaign by Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum is another luxury brand that has come up with a bright and dynamic ad campaign. It has been shot by Mario Testino who is a veteran of many such campaigns. The ad has been shot in a studio setting and so the right lighting makes everyone look picture perfect. The faces for the campaign have been carefully selected. Thomas Penfound is the male face who is posing with Molly Smith and Amber Anderson who are the female faces. Felicity Jones, the actress has been added to the mix to bring some star power to the campaign.

4.    Fall 2011 Campaign by Fendi

Using the same face for a new season could become a challenge. But the Italian fashion hose Fendi doesn’t think so as they have opted for Anja Rubik for the third consecutive season. The ad campaign has been shot by the legendary Karl Jagerfeld and it unfolds like a story full of romance, color, beauty and inspiration. The Fendi campaign for Fall 2011 shows Anja going brunette and playing a muse for male model Brad Kroenig. Shot in a studio setting it showcases furs, tweed, bags, accessories and knits. Anja plays an inspiration to a painter who tries to capture her beauty on canvas.

5.    Fall 2011 Campaign by Gucci

You will fall in love with the Gucci campaign for their Fall 2011 collection. The dynamic duo of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott seem to be very popular with the luxury brands as they have also shot the Gucci campaign. The star attraction of the campaign is Abbey Lee Kershaw who is ably supported by models Lenz von Johnston, Sigrid Agren, Anthon Wellsjo, Joan Smalls, Emily Baker and Duco Ferwerda. Abbey has come out looking breathtakingly gorgeous. The primary focus of the campaign is on the accessory collection but you also have sumptuous furs and flowing silk pieces that give the campaign a glamorous look.

6.    Fall 2011 Campaign by Hermès

Hermes ad campaigns manage to be different every year and every season and yet remain very interesting. For the Fall/ Winter campaign last year they had featured Constance Jablonski as uber sexy and strong cat woman. This year the campaign for Hermès’ fall 2011 collection features Issac Carew. Nick Knight, who has shot the campaign, has done a wonderful job as an artist. He has visualized the campaign more like a painter than a photographer. The model Isaac has come out looking gorgeous in all the pictures that have been released. One thing is certain; Hermes will do something different next year.

7.    Fall 2011 Campaign by Versace

Can Versace do without a blonde in their ad campaigns? The answer is both yes and no. Their Fall 2011 collection campaign surprisingly had no blond face but Donatella couldn’t resist getting Candice Swanepoel, a gorgeous blond for the eyewear and accessories campaign. The next question is can the fashion industry do without the creative duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott? The short answer is no. They are the ones who have shot the eyewear campaign for Versace. The amount of work they have done this season is remarkable. Candice Swanepoel has worked for Tom Ford also this season.

8.    Fall 2011 Campaign by Guess by Marciano

Guess by Marciano has reposed their faith in Alix Malka who has shot their third consecutive campaign. The Fall/ Winter 2011-12 campaign of Guess by Marciano has seen a change in style. The new campaign marks a return to color. The decision could have been triggered by the new direction the design of the new collection has taken. The campaign also showcases the new initiative and the new direction clearly. Eugen Bauder and Heide Lindgren star in the new campaign and one can safely say that they haven’t looked better.

9.    Fall 2011 Campaign by Mulberry

Mulberry was one of the first off the block this season with their campaign and that could be the reason why the others who followed have tried to match up to them. Tim Walker seems to have become the favorite of the British brand. He had shot their spring campaign has shot a fantastical campaign for Fall 2011. The ad features Tati Cotliar, Julia Saner, a baby fox and some to die for handbags. The settings are whimsical but the impact is great. You are sure to see many more campaigns by Tim in the future.

10. Fall 2011 Campaign by Blumarine

Adriana Lima has become a popular brand ambassador after being the face of Victoria’s Secret as well as Givenchy. She has landed another high profile campaign. She is now the face of the sexy yet high-fashion Blumarine. It is the fashion label of Italian designer Anna Molinari who has an old association with Lima who had starred in her campaign as early as 1997. Michelangelo di Battista has shot the campaign in Paris. Lima has everything from color block to animal print and lace highlighting the trend-conscious fall/winter collection by Blumarine.

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