Geektopia: The Ten Best Products Designed To Make A Geek Jump With Joy

Geek, a term that until a few years ago was more of an insult than anything else has now been transformed into a description of a person who is highly proficient with computers and technology. Geeks nowadays are some of the most successful people on the planet, with high level education from an extremely reputed institutions and working in some of the most revered placed such as the likes of Google, Apple, Microsoft etc. This is a breed that spawned the age of revolutionary technology that we all enjoy in the 21st century. Being a geek is now a privilege and long are those days when there social skill were questionable, as today’s geeks are very much social, carry themselves immensely well and have a very vibrant friend circle.

Recently at Elite Choice, we paid our respects to the female geeks with our own selection of ‘6 Great Gift Ideas For The Quintessential Geek Girl’ and even covered the realm of technology inspired jewelry in the form of ‘Raise Your Fun Quotient With Cool Geeky Jewelry’. Now, we are celebrating this ultra-high IQ breed with a new series of products that are designed to make every geek jump with joy.

1.  Keyboard Pants:

Designer: Erik De Nijs

Price: N/A

To every geek, a computer seems to be the best pal to hang out with and more often than not, geeks turn out to become some of the most genius developers and computer experts in the world. Especially in teenagers, the fascination towards computers is supreme and taking this incredible computer mania to new heights is the Keyboard Pants. Designed by Erik De Nijs these incredible pair of pants provides with a fully functional keyboard stitched in the front of the pants as well as room for a mouse and stitched in speakers located in the knees. Furthermore, for the geeks who are more into the gaming circuit, this incredibly creative keyboard pants even comes with a joystick controller behind the front zipper.

2.  iPhone Coffin:

Designer: Creative Coffins

Price: N/A

Dying is no laughing matter, but this inevitable last human action that leaves behind scores of memories can be accomplished in fashion with the all new iPhone Coffin. Designed and developed for the ultimate geeks, this remarkable coffin that bears the image of the iPhone home screen as its cover. This one of a kind coffin was announced as the world embraced the introduction of Apple iPhone 3G. Perfectly suitable for the die-hard (no pun intended) iPhone fans, this coffin will take your favorite smartphone to the afterlife with you, though don’t bank upon any wireless carrier offering you afterlife packages. Apart from the iPhone Coffin, there have also been introduced impressive new models such as the likes of  Microsoft Vista wallpaper-themed and Halo themed coffin.

3.  Wifi Detection Cap:

Designer: ThumbsUp

Price: $20

Internet serves as the utopia for just about every geek in the world, a place where they can apply their unique skill sets and declare themselves the kings of the online realm. However, once outside the comfort of your home, it becomes a little difficult to find a wifi hotspot, without having to take out our laptop and scan for wireless networks. To provide a simple solution to this problem, makers on innovative gadgets and gifts, ThumbsUp came out with a highly interesting concept called, Wifi Detection Cap. This ordinary looking cap carries CR2032 batteries that powers the built in wifi detection unit that can scan for and locate 802.11b or 802.11g signals. The cap has been designed to be extremely lightweight, with a combined weight of just 0.09 kg and the cap can even display the strength of the available wireless connection.

4.  .925 Silver Power Bracelet:

Designer: 925works

Price: $125

To any geek across the globe, a computer has to be the permanent life line that the geek associates himself with. So, whether it be technology or fashion, geeks will always jump at any creative creation that either resembles a computer or carry anything to do with this machine. Understanding, the impact of computing machines on the 21st century youth, the renowned handcrafted silver jewelry maker, 925works came out with the ravishing .925 Silver Power Bracelet that has been designed and developed to provide the users with a shiny bracelet that embraces technology. This gorgeous bracelet is made from  hammered 10 -gauge sterling and has been given  computer ‘Power Button’ as the center ornament for added effect. These magnificent bracelets come with a serial number and the customers are requested to send in their wrist measurements for the correct size bracelet.

5.  Geek Cufflinks:

Designer: Cuffs ‘N’ Collars

Price: Individual Prices

Cufflinks are some of the most cherished and widely worn in the category of men’s jewelry and the provide quite subtle elegance when tied into the cuffs of your shirt. However, when it comes to geeks, nearly everything that they use needs to be infused with some aura of  technology built into it. Cuffs ‘N’ Collars has a unique collection of trendy geek cufflinks that are inspired from the modern tools of technology. First up is the ‘Pressing Buttons’, a set of highly elegant cufflinks that have been imprinted with the words ‘Insert’ and ‘Delete’ taken directly from a keyboard. These cufflinks cost $15.88 a pair. Next in line is the gorgeous ‘Internet Boom’ cufflinks that have been inspired from two of the most widely used words on the web, ‘WWW’ and ‘.COM’. This web inspired pair of cufflinks come with a price tag of $15.88.

6.  Circuit Board Business Card Case:

Designer: ComputerGear

Price: $24.99


Are you a geek working in a multinational corporation or know someone who is a working chap but with a heart of a geek, then the all new Circuit Board Business Card Case is the ideal product for you or to be gifted. This one of a kind case presents the users with a Business Card holder case designed and developed from authentic circuit boards that have been recycled. This incredible product is perfect to bedazzle your family and friends and showcase your affinity towards electronics and technology. The all new Circuit Board Business Card Case is currently available for purchase and the case comes in various different colors to suit your kind of style.

7.  Chrome Robot Cufflinks:

Designer: Etsy

Price: $3.00 (in U.S)  $6.00 (Other Locations)

When it comes to geeks, any and every sort of technology seems to be quite appealing to the ones who live by the word of machine day in and day out. However, even geeks step out of their self-proclaimed bastions and mingle with other people, socializing. This is where a geek can make his most impact by donning on the highly unusual Chrome Robot Cufflinks that have been designed and developed to have moveable arms and legs. These 3/4 of an inch tall chrome robots are integrated into a silver plated cufflink posts with the help of steel reinforced epoxy.

8.  Functional Thermometer Cufflinks:

Designer: Cufflinks

Price: $200/Pair

For the ones who prefer to carry a piece of modern science with them at all times, has come out with an elegant and a very useful set of cufflinks in the form of the all new Functional Thermometer Cufflinks. These cufflinks have been designed a developed to not only provide the consumers with a shiny pair of accessories for their shirts, but these cufflinks are even able to measure the body temperature. The Functional Thermometer Cufflinks is forged from stainless steel and measure in 3/4th inch in diameter.

9.  Secret Decoder Ring:

Designer: ThinkGeek

Price: $15.99

Designed and developed to appease the budding spy in you, the all new Secret Decoder Ring will enable you to send coded messages to your family, friends and especially to your beloved. The ring itself has been forged from stainless steel and once the messages are coded, the recipient will also need to have secret decoder ring to read the messages. This marvelous spy instrument is available in three different sizes and the users need to simply twist the interlocking bands on the ring can then encode their messages.

10.  Scrolling LED Belt Buckle II:

Designer: ThinkGeek

Price: $29.99

If you like to express yourself in a rather unconventional fashion other than that of a simple conversation or an email, then the all new Scrolling LED Belt Buckle II  is the ideal product for you. This incredible new product will enable you to carry your own personal billboard attached to your belt. This LED Belt Buckle II is embedded with 147 colored LEDs packed in a gorgeous chrome frame and the users will have the option of portraying their messages in a variety of colors. The LED Belt Buckle II is powered by two CR2032 batteries and the device can store up to six custom messages with each message being up to 256 characters long.

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