Geeky Wi-fi Cap Helps you Stay Connected!

Internet has fast grown to be an invincible part of our lives. No wonder the Wi-Fi technology is now found everywhere, be it college campus, shopping malls or coffee joints. Having understood this, ThumbsUp company has churned out the Wi-fi detecting cap. It not only detects the presence of wireless internet, the green signal also shows the strength of the Wi-Fi signals.

So you can decide, when the strength is good enough to open your notebook and start working. The makers suggest that these caps are could be used or given away by Telecom companies and internet providers so as to exhibit the credibility of their Wi-Fi offerings to general public.

The cap is equipped to locate 802.11b or 802.11g signals. CR2032 batteries provide looks after the power needs and are carefully hid inside the cap. It weighs almost 0.09Kgs which means you wouldn’t be burdening your head in any way.

The retailers will ship the product only in batch of 6 units, which suggests it aims at targeting organizations more than individual buyers. But if you have your bunch of geeky friends, you can convince them and still get one for yourself. It’s available for £12.99 and ships with 2 CR2032 batteries and one poly bag.

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  • That’s just silly. How will you know the strength if the cap is on your head? Daft gimmick.

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