Make A Style Statement With Gucci’s New Carbon Fiber Moccasins

Carbon fiber is a common enough material for luxury cars, but the fashion industry is slowly growing wise to the design possibilities of this material. In the past, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Gucci, among others have incorporated carbon fiber into their creations. But the material seems to be a hit with Gucci. The French fashion house has returned to the material once more and created a unique, stylish pair of moccasins.

Gucci started out as a leather goods company, so it is interesting to see how the longstanding company embraces new fabrics and technologies. Named the GG Plus Moccasin, this pair of shoes is everything you would want from Gucci footwear. It is young, elegant and chic, and makes use of new age material. Yet, it sticks close to tradition. These luxury designer moccasins bear the iconic pattern that is a frequent feature on Gucci handbags.

The GG Plus Moccasin is available in a beige/ebony combination. The moccasins feature trimmings of dark brown leather in addition to the popular Gucci pattern. Over the front of the shoe is an interlocking flap with a “G” cut out at the center. The sole is made of rubber. The carbon fiber appears on the back heel of the shoe, over the rubber sole. It serves no practical purpose, but looks fantastic and is sure to be a conversation starter.

With a price tag of $425, these moccasins are probably not reaching out to the bargain seeker. But if you can afford the price, these unique Gucci shoes are available at outlets like Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

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