Porsche Design P’4911, The New Luxury Baby Stroller For Pampered Babies

Living in the lap of luxury just got better with the new baby stroller from Porsche Design. Parents who want to pamper their little ones right from the start can do no wrong with this baby pram. Named the Porsche Design P’4911, this luxury baby stroller is the perfect accessory to your son or daughter’s fashion collection wardrobe. High-end babies require the best things that money can get. And it rarely gets better than this luxury baby pram.

Like other creations from the Porsche Design label, this baby pram has a link with luxurious Porsche models. Apparently, this sleek and smart contraption is foldable and can fit into the tiny trunk space of your Porsche car. But the Porsche connection does not end there. This high-end baby stroller is actually made from materials used in the luxury cars. Things like leather and carbon fiber, commonly spotted in Porsche models, have been used in the production of the Porsche Design P’4911.

Designed by David Dawod, the Porsche Design P’4911 also features other top quality materials such as car materials such as aluminum and ball bearing wheels. Like the car, there is great focus on safety as well. Dawod has made sure that your baby will not slip out of the pram. A little safety belt has been added in front to hold your restless tyke in place.

This is perhaps Dawod’s first venture into the niche area of luxury baby strollers. In the past, Dawod has designed things like multi-purpose speakers and recyclable jewelry.

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