Porsche Design Creates a Mouse Inspired by Porsche 911 and Matching Mousepad

Porsche, the car would be on the wish list of practically every one of us. If one can afford it or not, is a different matter all together. Porsche Design brings the same level of excellence to things big and small luxury gadget they design and very often bring an element of their exclusive luxury cars into things completely unrelated to the automotive world. The latest creation of the renowned Porsche Design is some PC accessories that you can use more often than a car. And it will definitely add a touch of class to your desk.

The design studio of Porsche Weissach has come up with a mouse that is clearly inspired by the Porsche 911. The shape gives the Porsche mouse a distinct look. It comes with an aluminum scroll wheel that makes it capable of moving efficiently on any surface but the Porsche Design has also designed a matching Porsche crest mouse pad which is made from the same leather that is used in their cars. The mouse comes with 2,000 dpi optical sensor and a 2.4 GHz wireless USB dongle for plug and play installation.

The mouse features the company’s logo which is printed on the rear. Similarly the company’s logo is embossed at the top of the mouse pad. Both the exclusive items are available for the company’s online store. The mouse is painted white and is available in only one color. When it comes to the pricing of a Porsche product, everyone expects it to be a little expensive. And the same is true for the mouse as well. The PC and Mac compatible mouse and the mouse pad retail for $82 each.

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