China Converts its Second Aircraft Carrier as its First Aircraft Carrier Hotel

The rising economic power of China has resulted in huge expenses on the modernization their military and has made them a power to reckon with. After their army the Chinese are focusing on their navy and upgrading its power rapidly. Their navy did not have aircraft carrier and they bought Varyag which was formerly part of the Soviet fleet. The move has raised the concern of China’s neighbors and US. China has also bought another former Soviet aircraft carrier Kiev which they are refitting as a leisure facility.

The Kiev is billed as China’s first aircraft carrier hotel. It has been renamed the Binhai Aircraft Park and the owners and promoters are confident that the emergence of China as a naval power will trigger customer interest in the aircraft carrier hotel. Normally, civilians can never make it to a serving aircraft carrier due to security reasons and restrictions. So Kiev is expected to have tremendous curiosity value for the visitors and guests. The large space available on the ship provides the designers an opportunity to create a luxurious leisure facility.

Kiev and its transformation is getting prominent coverage in the Chinese media. Some photographs of the five lavish presidential suites have been released. It is obvious that the designers have gone for ultra luxurious interiors. One can see in the photographs, large circular beds, silver lame drapes and cow skin rugs. According to the South China Morning Post the cost of the entire renovation is estimated to be about 100 million Yuan which is equivalent to £9.6 million. The tariffs for the hotel rooms and suites have not been declared as yet but from the looks of it you will need to pay a substantial amount to enjoy the hospitality of Kiev.

Via: guardian, chinadaily

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