Preserve & Showcase Your Precious Wine Collection With The Remarkable Nek-rite Wine Cellar Storage System

Wine connoisseurs across the globe will attest to the fact that drinking wine isn’t a habit or simply a hobby, but is in fact an art that requires immense finesse and know how to build it into a reputable status statement. Wine is one of the only few alcoholic drinks that is mostly judged on the basis of its age and the older the wine gets, the better its taste becomes. For those of you who have a vast collection of exquisite and expensive wines or you know someone who does then the all new Nek-rite Wine Cellar Storage System is the perfect wine storage solution. Designed and developed by Canada based Vin de Garde Cellar Systems, a leading name in customized wine cellar designs, this elegant storage system provides wine collection owners with a modular wine cellar that exuberates styles from all corners.

The magnificent Nek-rite Wine Cellar Storage System is a thoughtfully crafted wine cellar that enables the wine owners to display their precious collection in a horizontal pattern, thereby effectively showcasing the bottles’ label. This method not only helps you in locating the perfect wine for the occasion but is also excellent means of giving a tour of your custom wine cellar to your guests. The gorgeous modular wine cellar is available in various finishes including walnut, white oak, etc. and the end product is given an abundant coating  of white or black gloss. This remarkable modular wine cellar has been conceived to be easily installed with the use of just a power drill and can be easily accommodated in any wall.

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