ILTM Asia Releases “The Future Of Luxury Travel” Report

The International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) unveiled its report on luxury travel trends at ILTM Asia at Shanghai on Tuesday. ILTM revealed its report, entitled “The Future of Luxury Travel” at the exclusive invite-only event that was attended by the biggest buyers of luxury travel from the Asia Pacific region.

The report highlighted the four different kinds of luxury travelers. These include: the independent-minded traveler, the explorer, candidates to luxury and streetwise purchasers. The 2011-12 report revealed that the current crop of luxury travelers is not content with being pampered; they want to be entertained as well. Thus, the independent-minded tourist is looking to heighten his travel experience by immersing himself in the local environment and culture. The explorer is somewhat similar, but he is set apart by his willingness to spend big amounts on unique, unusual and unconventional travel experiences. Emerging destinations are important to both these tourist profiles.

Meanwhile, candidates to luxury value their time immensely. When traveling, they like a seamless itinerary. According to “The Future of Luxury Travel” report, all three of these groups appreciate that “knowledge is power”.

The fourth tourist profile is the streetwise purchaser. This type of traveler is more interested in getting value for his money. So he will spend sufficient time looking for information, comparing rates, seeking to combine his desire for a cost-effective luxury travel deal with his travel goals.

ILTM Asia is being held all this week in Shanghai. The event is dedicated to connecting its 364 invite-only guests with 370 luxury travel experiences that include everything from wildlife safaris to secret destinations to luxury spa retreats.

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