Cinepolis at Laguna Niguel to Offer Sushi and Wine

Watching movies at the cinema has never been the same, thanks to certain luxury companies who take movie watching to the next step. For instance, take the example of Cinepolis. They are just set to offer Sushi and wine to movie watchers, instead of popcorn and coke, which has been the staple for most people who go to the movies. The facilities would be offered at Laguna Niguel theatre in Southern California. This has been announced after the Del Mar and La Costa announcements. You could expect great facilities like state-of-the-art digital equipment, HD, 3-D and Surround Sound technologies and even leather recliners.

The waiter service button would give you access to gourmet finger-foods, artisan sandwiches, wine and cheese. Of course, if you like the good ol’ popcorn, you get that as well. I would just be disappointed if you ate popcorn with your champagne, and that is a different story altogether. Some of the other features at the movie hall would include live-feed concerts, sporting events and other goodies which I am sure would already want to make you watch the next noir movie about to be screened.

Unfortunately, they just don’t make good movies anymore and it is all about animation, 3D and the geeky stuff that people like us just do not get! You could read about how luxury movie watching can be taken to new levels. I would say, just grab a bottle of tonic and gin, and begin to watch movies on Netflix and I am sure you will have a better time.

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