Ferrari Offers Diamond Studded Car Keys

There is no better way to make a style statement than to do it with diamonds. Have been doing it by embellishing articles of personal use with diamonds. Items like sunglasses, purses, phones, and even their vehicles get enhanced with diamond details. The latest addition to this list is the Ferrari car keys ­studded with precious metals and gemstones to add to their style statement. The glittering set of keys surely makes a strong style statement. The bespoke Ferrari key has been created by SP Green & Co. and is being offered in several options.

This is the first set of Ferrari Keys that have been enhanced with precious stones. A total of 1160 pieces of a rare variety of diamonds, VVS to flawless variety has been encrusted on the key. The total diamond weight adds up to 7 carat. Customizing the car keys add a new meaning to owning a Ferrari. The options for customization are in the form of use of different precious metals and gemstones. The idea is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the key and make it more exclusive.

The key can be coated with multiple varieties of gold as per the owner’s choice. The owner can also select the diamonds and other gemstones which are then polished and encrusted on the key. This kind of customization of the car key has been available for other car brands but it is the first instance of such an offer from Ferrari. The designers from the house of Camaél interact directly with the clients to know their interest, taste and needs. We have earlier seen bejeweled car keys being offered by Mercedes Benz which designed Swarovski car keys and Bentley Continental which had made diamond studded car key. The bejeweled car key has been priced at $23,147.

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