Phillips’ Fidelio SoundSphere Docking Speakers Offers Apple’s AirPlay Technology

New docking speakers from Phillips look set to transform our audio experience. The electronics company recently launched the Fidelio SoundSphere docking speakers system with AirPlay technology from Apple. Phillips’ Fidelio docking speakers and SoundSphere speakers have been among its most popular products in recent times. By combining the two top-sellers, Phillips is providing the best of both worlds to its music-loving clientele. The AirPlay technology provides for wireless streaming of an iTunes library via Wi-Fi.

There is no question that the Fidelio SoundSphere docking speakers system is gorgeous. The clean, simple lines and the futuristic design make this the perfect addition to any modern home. But there is more to these docking speakers than their head-turning appearance.

According to Phillips, the stylish curved design of these hand-crafted wooden speakers is not merely for show. The curved lines combined with the free-floating tweeters on the top of each speaker help send the sound in all directions. The result is a deeper, superior audio experience. This also minimizes other interferences.

The AirPlay technology adds to the appeal of this new docking speakers system. This technology allows users to wirelessly stream the music on their iTunes library (whether on their iPod, iPhone or iPad) using a home Wi-Fi network, no docking required. However, it is not as though the new Phillips docking speakers are solely compatible with Apple devices. There is an auxiliary input to plug in other players as well.

At $1,138, this is more expensive than your regular speakers, but certainly a steal in the arena of luxury speakers like the Magico Q3, which costs a whopping $34,000.

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