The New Magico Q3 Speakers Promise Studio-Quality Sound

For music buffs, owning speakers that let you hear studio-quality music is worth every penny. Some time ago, Olive Media launched its exciting new music server, the 06HD, which promised to generate studio-quality music. Now, it appears that Magico has developed a new loudspeaker that generates sounds that the recording studio guys wanted you to hear.

The new Magico Q3 is the latest loudspeaker to emerge from the award-winning company’s labs. The 250-pound loudspeaker certainly looks elegant. But that is not its selling point. The loudspeaker has integrated several design and tech elements to ensure that it beats the efficiency barrier. The three-way floor-standing speaker has some amazing specifications, including a 90-dB sensitivity and 5-ohm impedance rating.

Aluminium and copper have been used to build the cabinetry. However, the Q3 also boasts of Magico’s popular Nano-Tec drivers. Handling the mid-range frequences is a single 6-inch driver. The low-range frequencies are handled by three 7-inch woofers. The Q3 tackles a wide range of frequencies, from 26 Hz to 50 kHz. Plus, it has brilliant clarity.

If you liked Magico’s earlier Q5, you will love the fact that the Q5’s Beryllium MBe-1 has been integrated into the new product. Moreover, the Q3 is free of distortion, thanks to gold, silver and oil capacitors and induction-free windings produced by Germany-based audio electronics firm Mundorf.

Connect it with your music system for sound that is truly natural. Whatever your preferred musical genre, the new Q3 of Magico which is priced at $34,000 a pair is a steal.

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