FoundersCard: Serving Entrepreneurs With VIP Luxury

So you have started your own business and working hard to turn your venture into an enterprise and establish yourself as an accomplished entrepreneur. Thousands of such individuals who run their own businesses dream of being able to afford the luxuries that are extended exclusively to CEOs and other VIP. Now, such entrepreneurs have finally been blessed with an all new service called, FoundersCard that has been established for the sole purpose of providing the entrepreneurs with the best of VIP treatment.  Founded and run by Eric J. Kuhn, who has been one of the those entrepreneurs who have witnessed the unpredictable ups and downs of the corporate world, up close and personal. With everything happening at lightning pace and with a demanding schedule, Mr. Kuhn envisioned a service that would give the entrepreneurs a tool to unwind during their busy days.

FoundersCard is basically an invite only loyalty program for entrepreneurs where in, one these corporate big hitters take the membership of the club, then they become eligible for massive discounts from some of the leading international brands, such as the likes of Apple, Rackspace, Moo, FedEx, GigaOM Pro, Equinox gyms, spas, Gilt City, The Standard, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, AT&T, as well as Zipcar, Uber, LimoRes and Roomorama. These discounts offered to the entrepreneurs are custom tailored. As of now, FoundersCard has a strong membership of some 5,000 members and this one of a kind service continuously invites its members to various l networking events in some of the most bustling cities in the U.S including New York City, San Francisco and Miami, with Boston and Los Angeles coming soon.

According to Anna Lindlow (Director, Marketing Strategy, Bundle),

“The best thing about FoundersCard is the discovery of services led by other entrepreneurs in your community that you might not have known about it or that you want to support and the discount adds incentive. The travel benefits are amazing, the hotel list is expansive and the discounts are great. I’m sure in a large corporate setting people get discounts like this but it puts startups on an even playing field.

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