American Express Centurion Card Holders Now To Get Exclusive VIP Treatment

If you are rich and wealthy, then there is no limit as to the preferential and VIP treatment you can get from major companies for whom such customers are one of the major source of revenue. With the exploding luxury market and a high spending spree on luxury products as well as services from those who can actually afford them, the list of companies offering exclusive services is growing at quite a fast pace. Now, one of the leading financial institutions, American Express has announced its plans to offer a premium and a highly exclusive service to its coveted Centurion credit card holders.

As per the details, all those customers who hold a Centurion card a.k.a ‘Black Card’ from American Express, will now be eligible for an exclusive service, where in they would able to negotiate the prices of cars they wish to purchase via the Centurion web site. This new service will also offer the customers the freedom of keeping their personal information confidential while carrying out the negotiations and would also get additional benefits from major automobile manufactures. For instance, Jaguar will be offering financial incentives, while Tesla is offering these elite individuals with a Tesla  media upgrade package.

Making this exciting new service all the more desirable is the fact that, Centurion will also offer its customers with luxury car rentals, where in you can rent a Ferrari for a weekend or can even experience high speed driving thrills at Formula 1 race tracks. American Express has already been offering exclusive deals on other purchases such as fashion, food, wine and travel and with the addition of this new service, the company hope to tap into the highly lucrative luxury market.

According to Desiree Fish (V.P, Public Affairs, American Express),

“The economy is starting to pick up so there is more of an interest now in people out there spending. Auto is something we haven’t done before. We wanted to do something robust. Five cars have been sold already in the last two weeks. They’ve (card holders) found this info on their own, no marketing or promoting.”

Via New York Times

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