The Martell Trunk Contains Everything for the Perfect Evening Down to Cellar Master’s Notebook

Luxury, after all is having everything exactly as you want it. Luxury is all about exclusivity and personalization. When it come to the choice of your drinks almost everyone gets fussy. Everyone wants the drink of their choice and served the way they like it. If you don’t get it right, you run the risk of ruining your entire evening. With a modern jet setting life style a large number of people travel a lot and find it difficult to get the drink of their choice everywhere. The luxury marketers always have a luxurious solution to problems like these.

The House of Martell has taken matters in their hand and commissioned Pinel & Pinel to create the Martell Trunk. They in turn collaborated with a French luxury malletier to come up with the perfect answer to the problems faced by luxury travelers. The trunk features leather lined compartments and drawers which have been created, keeping in mind the Martell Collection of fine spirits which includes Cordon Bleu, XO, or L’Or de Jean Martell. They have also added 28 montres to the trunk which are made from the most exclusive blends.

The trunk is designed in such a way that it provides a dedicated space for everything for a perfect evening. You can keep crystal glasses and decanters, rare scented candles and a cigar humidor in the trunk. The Martell Trunk comes with the Cellar Master’s Notebook. It is a small blue leather-bound booklet with handwritten tasting notes by Martell’s cellar master, Benoît Fil. If you are travelling with your Martell Trunk, you need not spoil your working day worrying about the evening and how you will manage to get what you want.

“Love Céline Bastière”

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