The Rarest Whiskey From Dalmore Costs A Whopping £10,000 A Bottle

Serious collectors of fine spirits fall short of nothing when it comes to adding something super quality to their collection. In that case, how do £10,000 for a bottle of whiskey sound to you? Insane? No, not really. The latest offering from The Dalmore distillery in Scotland is being celebrated as worth every bit of that huge figure. Dubbed The Sirius Vintage, this whiskey has been maturing since 1951 and this fact makes it the oldest, finest and rarest whiskey available in the world.

On top of all this, Dalmore is not sparing anything to further add to its magic. Apparently, only 12 bottles of this very exclusive single malt scotch will be made available at the duty free stores at the major airports across the globe.

Experts like Richard Paterson judge the cask strength at 45% with taste that is both distinguished and elegant. One can also enjoy flavors of intense citrus and honeyed chocolate as well as notes of coffee, walnut and liquorice spice in the concoction. Sounds like a dream, but the point is – are you willing to pay as much?

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