The World’s Most Expensive Liquor D’ Amalfi Limoncello Supreme

ANTICA DISTILLERIA RUSSO from Italy is the first family distillery founded in 1936 by Vincenzo. He started distillates from wine, according to traditional methods of that time. The tradition has been passed down the generations and they have refined the know-how of distillation and production of traditional spirits. They are committed to constant innovative research and take up new projects to create the final quality as per the preference of the customer. An Italian Lady who wishes to remain anonymous commissioned them to produce and bottle luxuriously typical liquor of the old tradition of Campania region, made by infusion in alcohol of peels of lemons from the stunning famous Amalfi Coast. The result has been the world’s most expensive Liquor D’ Amalfi Limoncello Supreme.

The bottle for the liquor is designed by Stuart Hughes of Liverpool U.K. Apart from the liquor the bottle houses in the neck 3 single cut flawless diamonds totaling 13 cts. The body of the bottle showcases a huge and rare single cut diamond of 18.5 cts. The stones together give the bottle a truly stunning look. We have been updating you regularly about the bespoke creations by Stuart Hughes. His wall aquarium was a unique creation. He turned the iphone 4G golden. He even experimented with clothes and made the most expensive suit. He has created luxurious iPad and made highly embellished versions of iPhone, mobile phone, Bang & Olufsen’s handset and MacBook.

The traditional liquor created by combining peels of lemon from Amalfi Coast has the aroma and the wonderful fragrance of the unique fruit. The taste is clear and matches the smell. The lemon peel used to make the liquor has some element of oil that gives greenish reflections to the liquor which is basically yellow in color. The sediments in the liquor are the result of only using natural ingredients to create the final product. Only one more bottle remains for sale. You can have it if you are willing to pay £27 million for it.

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