Stuart Hughes Blings Up The Most Expensive MacBook In The World

It seems the Richie Rich nerds can’t get enough of Stuart Hughes and the luxury designer and improviser can’t get enough of glamorizing Apple products to suit the distinctly high-profile needs of those who can afford bling in their gadgets. It was just the other day that we reported on Hughes’ Apple iPhone 4G avatar done up in 20 carat white gold. The girls also went nuts over the one in 18 carat Rose Gold.

But tech enthusiasts would know that iPads and MacBooks too have been at Stuart’s receiving end. This time it is the most expensive Apple MacBook in the world. Dubbed MacBook Air Platinum Edition, this beauty is solid platinum and weighs a little over seven kilograms. Yep, you will need to have a bulky physique as well as a hefty purse to handle this one.

The MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition is spells sheer opulence. The price tag of this limited edition with only five units reads £319,995 per piece. Out of your budget? Well, in that case you can settle for the Supreme Fire Edition which has quite a lot of glam courtesy 53 sparkling gems and the touch of gold at a slightly lower price. Check them all out!

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