Aston Martin and Burberry Create Media Rich Ads for Network Targeting Affluent Consumers

The luxury brands are becoming increasingly active on the internet. They are also conscious of the fact that the online business should not dilute their brand equity. In order to maintain their exclusivity top brands like Aston Martin and Burberry are engaging potential shoppers with rich-media ad units served across highly specialized verticals on a new ad network targeted specifically at affluent consumers. Both the British brands have taken the initiative and have created attractive and engaging video content and have used Flash.

Martini Media and TDP Media have come together to create the ad network that they claim reaches over 60 million consumers with average annual incomes greater than $100,000 through 1,400 Web sites. Skip Brand, the CEO of Martini Media let out a very important and interesting finding that individuals with household incomes of $250,000 and up are on the Internet up to 34 hours a week, the best of any demographic. The affluent are the most accessible through the internet and the luxury industry should take advantage of it.

The partners in this ad network complement each other well. Martini Media specializes in developing video advertising campaigns for upscale brands, while TDP Media has two networks, The Digital Partnership and Affluent Digital Media who cater to business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing, respectively. Burberry made placement in fashion verticals through the network. Their ad expands into a video of their holiday 2010 campaign. Meanwhile, Aston Martin placed a 300×600-pixel rich-media ad unit on sites in the sports and classic cars vertical of the network on sites such as Sports Car Digest.

Check the video here:

Via: luxurydaily, thedigitalpartnership

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