Bombardier to Launch the World’s Most Expensive Business Jets

So far, Gulfstream has been one of the most coveted business jets in the sky. Now, Bombardier, the Canadian aviation company is all set to give some tough competition and become the most expensive business jet ever. The Global 7000 and 8000 are amazing flying machines that would cross all borders of technology, luxury and of course opulence.

They would cost about $65 million and would come with a Mach 0.90 high speed cruise. The flight would come with great new wings, amazing technology and luxurious amenities. Thanks to the increased fuel efficiency, the billionaires could also rest in peace that they are not adding to the world’s carbon print. The jets are targeted at the wealthy Middle Eastern consumers.

The only hitch is that these jets would be released in 2016 and in 2017 respectively. They can fly nonstop from Hong Kong to New York! It would be really cool if you are loaded enough to be able to afford jets like these. Moreover, Bombardier is certainly the name of choice when it comes to flying machines. This time around, they have proven that they shall remain the kings of the skies.

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