Bullets That You Certainly Don’t Want To Dodge

Hublot is one brand that is known for its out-of-the-way yet chic accessories. This time it has devised an accessory, which is drop dead gorgeous. The bullets, which you see in the picture above, harbor a Tourbillon in the most unusual part, its rear end! They have been named as ‘Liberty’. Considering the fact that you have the ‘liberty’ to wear them in which ever way, the name ‘liberty’ is very well suited.

This is the work of the Confrérie Horlogère, which is a division of Hublot that makes all the complicated watches. Attach it to you million dollar platinum bracelet or wear it as a pendant it surely will add that gothic charm to your personality. The opposition of the shine of the titanium bullet head to the frosty black aluminum base makes the ‘Liberty’ look like a real bullet. It has two time displays, a roller display and an analog display.

Though it is small it will never go unnoticed, as they say “small is powerful”. If you are wearing it as a pendant and your friends fail to notice ‘Liberty’, then just keep playing with it all the time, it would definitely get noticed ( just a thought)!

via: blog.perpetuelle

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