Nokia Supreme: A Luxuriously Stylish Handset For The Stylish People

The world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia has announced an all new handset that takes the threshold of luxury phones to an all new level. The latest creation from the Finnish phone maker, Nokia Supreme is perhaps one of the most gorgeous and striking phones ever to hit the markets. Nokia Supreme is etched with 12.5 cts of Pink diamonds and the entire phone is composed with 1225 set of beautiful gems that are arranged in a manner that makes possible for the designer to a 3 carat diamond in the center of the phone, that serves as the handset’s navigation button

For the lucky few, who would order this one of a kind handset, Nokia has decided to pamper these customers by packing the Supreme in a granite case, which would be embedded with interiors. The Nokia Supreme also contains 83 grams of one of costliest metals in the world, Platinum that has been used to design the veneers of the handset, along with eight platinum screws and also the center navigation mount, that sports the 3 carat diamond. This awesome handset is has been designed by the famed designer, Stuart Hughes and is available for a whopping $160,000.

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