Giant Tuna Fetches A Record $177,000 In Japan

It was like a known fact that fish prices really do sky rocket in Japan considering how much the public enjoys biting into the white meat. The latest on that front tells us that a giant bluefin tuna was sold for $177,000 at an auction held in Tskukiji. This is the world’s largest wholesale fish market in Japan. The fish in question weighs 232 kilograms, which is almost four times the weight of an average Japanese man.

A pair of Japanese and Hong Kong sushi restaurant made the winning bid making it the second highest in world after a record 20.02 million yen was paid for a bluefin tuna in 2001.

The information on the fish revealed that it was caught off the northern tip of Japan’s main island of Honshu. These waters are already known to have produced some real famous high quality fishes. One of the owners of the Japanese and Hong Kong sushi restaurant was heard saying that the fish might bring them a lot of publicity and drive people to their eating joint. Again, this auction comes at a time when environmentalists are trying to warn the world of the bluefin tuna’s forthcoming extinction,

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