Crystal Palace Space Station Sells For A Whopping $330,000

With the world economies picking up in the New Year, their effect is rubbing off on the vitual world too. The Entropia Universe is one such. It is already being celebrated as one of the most interesting virtual works for it has most wonderfully embraced the concept of real-money transactions (RMT). This mean you can pay real cash for virtual stuff.

The Swedish government holds the license for this virtual game which functions as a rea bank and offers an exchange rate of 10:1 with the American dollar. It was in 2006 that this concept caught headlines because Entropia personality Jon Jacobs had mortgaged his house to buy an online asteroid in the Entropia Universe for $100,000.

But this time Jacobs’ record has been surpassed by a player who likes to go by the name Buzz “Erik” Lightyear. He is the winning bidder of the prized Crystal Palace Space Station at a price of $330,000. From what we hear, this one is not a dull investment as he will get a cut of the profits fro all transations that will take place on the station along with the income from players who decide to hunt rare creatures in the station’s grounds. Wow, the future is indeed here!

Via escapistmagazine

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