Pangolin Backpack: A Gift for the Chic Backpacker

Most designers take inspiration from the five elements and the nature as nature teaches us lot of things in life. The Pangolin Backpack has been inspired by the pangolin, which is an ant eater that looks bristly and comes with razor sharp claws and scales.

The material for this bag is made from easy to get old truck tires and they look like a pangolin. The Pangolin Backpack comes with multi-layered construction and when you are using it, it reveals its beauty step by step, just like a Pangolin. Thanks to this design, a lot of stuff can be kept inside though it looks small from the outside. It is an amazing bag for people like trekkers who need to hike for long distances.

The Pangolin Bag looks really chic and I would love to get it for myself if it ever is available. Unfortunately it just may not be available ever. It even looks good enough for children who carry bags in Eastern countries, where the kid is burdened by unnecessary books. If only these kind of light weight bags were available in those desolate countries, fewer kids would suffer.

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