Circuit MK2: All set to create a fashion STORM in London!

LED is a technology that has caught up pretty fast across the globe despite the fact that it is on the higher scale of the price tag compared to other low-profile technological solutions that could take its place. Just goes to show that people love bling and green solution will be accepted when they come in an attractive package. The Circuit MK2 designed by STORM of London is all set to take that LED charm and put in on your wrist. Designed to look like a space age tool, the LED display watch does not use the traditional analog or digital way of conveying time.

The flash from London uses an LED display on a sleek stainless steel bracelet to offer that sleek and ultra-modern look. With minimalistic design being the trend in fashion today the LED watch should have quite a few takers indeed. Displaying time and date despite the lack of chronograph functionality, the MK2 looks like the perfect wrist gear for every occasion.

With its understated style and futuristic the LED watch might very soon compete with the digital and analog versions across the planet. Till then you can get your own Circuit MK2 for $200.

Stormusa / crunchgear
london flash

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  • Well I am not sure about this one.

    Q: “What time is it ?”

    A: “Hang on for 5 minutes – I just need to translate this display”

    More of a novelty bracelet than a real watch, and for that money you can buy a lot nicer bracelets.

    For high tech watches you cant really do better than a Casio digital watch. Great looking, tough, and packed with more features than you can shake a stick at.


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