Louis XIII de Rémy Martin: New Exquisite Coffret For Louis XIII Cognac

Louis XIII remains one of the finest cognacs being made by Rémy Martin and the French winemaker insists on perfection when it comes to the drink. Everything right down to the presentation of the cognac exudes luxury so it is no surprise that a new coffret has been designed for Louis XIII.

The Art Deco-inspired coffret from Rémy Martin is made from dark wood upholstered with hand crafted red imitation leather. The dual sliding cover case pulls out to reveal the Louis XII decanter sitting in front of the multifaceted mirror which showcases the beauty of the exquisitely designed baroque crystal decanter with a fleur-de-lys stopper. Louis XIII cognacs are extremely high end and some of it have been sold for as high as $9,000. They remain one of the most popular bottlings of the French company.

According to Rémy Cointreau from Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail, the coffret with its carry case have been designed to be more portable and eco friendly as well. Louis XIII de Rémy Martin will make its debut at the TFWA World Exhibition in October and would be available for about $2,713.

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louis xiii de Rémy Martin

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