$3,200 Grant Fidelity Impression II CD Player Has The Whackiest Design

This may look like a great chunk of glimmering steel and invoke awe in you (and it should) but it is so much more than that. The design of CD players has certainly gone through a big transformation over the years but this player takes the prize as the coolest so far.

The Grant Fidelity Reference Tube CD-1000 player is also known as the Impression II (and no wonder). The CD player makes an impression in our minds that would be hard to wipe away anytime soon. The refreshing yet wicked design houses within it a simplistic (and not unearthly) CD player with power supply to tube. Other features of the Impression II include tube headphone amp and tube analog output along with the CD drive. All of these are placed at the corners so as to lower interference.

The isolated aluminum chassis in the middle allows for reduced vibration through the rest of the system. The player has one year parts and labour warranty and if the price tag of $3,200 doesn’t impress you then you could have it customized in steel finish for an additional $380.

Via: GrantFidelity
impression II

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