Consequence Of The Best In Music Technology

Whether an expert over sound quality or not, all of us audiophiles do realize and appreciate great sound quality in a speaker. Be it horn speakers or vacuum tube amplifiers, we all do share a common goal to enjoy the most ultimate auditory experience. So keeping all that in mind, Dynaudio has come up with a Consequence (yes, with a capital ‘C’). It’s a new range of speakers that will blow you away as the technology allows it to showcase an expansive musical scale.

Te new Consequence Ultimate Edition from Dynaudio is boasting of featuring an exclusive technology that is developed by Dynaudio’s research team. The technology is a transducing one that involves the selection of real-wood finishings as well as precious gold or chrome plated solid river rings to make your floor and walls shake their booties.

The new speaker promises an impressive frequency range from 17 Hz to 30 Hz +/-3 DB. And all this happens while maintaining a sensitivity of 1 meter on 2.83 volts that is a claimed 85 dB. The makers claim Consequence to be among the “most fascinating models” so far. With a claim as big as the price tag, which is $70 K for a pair, all we can say is that money never is wasted…is it!



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