The World Gets Its Most Expensive Chocolate, Wispa Gold

It is finally out! Uber rich chocoholics had been waiting for the most expensive chocolate bar in the world like for ever now. It went on sale this Monday to commemorate the relaunch of a popular treat. Part of a limited edition, the precious choco has been wrapped in an edible golden leaf and has got a price tag of £961.48 as well as the status of a special edition.

Even the makers realise that the this new Wespa Gold might not get too many buyers until the 55p versions hits the markets in September. Let us remind you that this chocolate went back into production only last month due to the efforts of a group “Bring back Cadbury’s Wispa Gold” of 22,000 people on Facebook.

As part of a special gimmick, Gold (we mean the famous song) singer Tony Hadley from the Spandau Ballet will be delivering the special edition Wispa Gold to Slefridges in London. We are told that the chocolate bar will be kept under lock and key, protected by a team of security guards. The Wispa Gold was originally launched way back in 1995 and was discontinued in 2003 until now.

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