Ultrasone Edition 8 headphones: In Sync with Super Sonance

This one is for the audio aficionado. Special edition high-end headphones designed with utmost care in acoustics, comfort and excellence. Ultrasone, the German major known for high-end headphones, incorporate the firm’s latest S-Logic Plus technology and are available in painted black and silver colors. The limited edition headphones are titled Edition 8 headphones.

A lot of detailing has gone into the making of these headphones. The main aspect that has been given its due is about radition emission. The special edition headphones have MU-Metal shielding that bring down the amount of radiation directed to the listener by up to 98 per cent compared to other usual headphones.

Its interior ear cups are wrapped with Ethiopian sheepskin, while the exterior ear cups are covered with Ruthenium, the chemical element. Ruthenium is known for its durability. Edition 8 headphones come in leather bags for storage and transport. And each piece is stamped with its serial number.


High-end audio system and accessory dealers are likely to stock the intricately made headphones. And could well make the buyer poorer by $1499. If great music and acoustics are still your in-thing, go ahead and pamper yourself. The headphones are not out in the market as yet though.

Via: Harmony Central, Engadget

Ultrasone Earphone

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