Virtual Smell Jungle To Take Your Breath Away!

Ok, so you have planted your house with a rocking surround sound system and plasma TV. The lights further add to the ambience. Right? But one thing is missing — smells! And that is where designer David Sweeney steps in. He presents a way to treat our nose to a virtual reality which he likes to call the smell jungle.

Actually, the gadgets in question works on the fact that smells evoke memories, so much so that your thinking can be altered. So, the smell jungle observes our environment and its Quale diffuser learns to associate a unique lend of smell with a specific event. These fragrances are then played throughout the day.

The diffuser has a collection of 16 crafted smells. These pass through the piezoelectric micro-pumps onto a piezo diffuser to be blended accurately. The end result is broadcast into the area with the help of a fan. Some parts of the fragrances give information while the others evoke awareness which is beyond the task in hand.

Quite a joyride!




Via yankodesign

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