It Is My Room II

We had heard of the concept of a little ambient room within a room. And now we are hearing of My Room II from Yamaha, which is nothing short of a human-sized vault!

As the name suggests, this tiny room is an improved version of the previous model. It is designed to fit in an apartment offering complete soundproof privacy for watching TV, confidential meetings and for practicing karaoke. So, in less time you get more comfort.

A huge hit with parasite-single adult children still living at home, stressed out moms and now the retiring baby-boomer salarymen generation, you too can get Room II and escape into a world of your own.

Yamaha has another product along the same lines. Called Cefine it is designed for home music practice; by the way this is the original application for which the concept was developed.


And it definitely does not come cheap. A 1.5 tatami mat-sized My Room II retails for $6,500 while a Cefine II of the same size comes for $10,000-$15,000. USed ones are up for rent at the rate of $100-$200 per day.

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