Grab the Last Piece of the Flying Car from Amazon @ only $50,000!

Sounds chimerical but its true! There is a flying car waiting for you! Haven’t you been waiting just for this all your life? The “Futurama Flying Car” is offered by Jetson, a recently launched merchant on Amazon. But no details whatsoever could be found about the car that could convince if it’s for real, other than an artfully updated image of the Guigiaro B.A.T. 5 and a mention of the bargain price of only $50,000.
Though you need to hurry if you want this hard to believe vehicle hovering for you in your backyard, for it seems to be the last piece on sale by Amazon! Without any promises or claims by the seller, you would want to do a bit of research so as not to feel cheated and a wise idea that would be. Yet there are reviews on this product that offer stunning insight into the performance of this revolutionary, yet totally fictional, vehicle. Only if there was more information about it you would be fretting over the end of stock! No more traffic for a lucky few!

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