“Glamping”-Camping with a Dash of Glamour!

You love camping, but your best friend loves his comfort zone more than the rough nature. But now you can persuade him to partner you in �Glamping�! Meant truly for those who love a little bit of both the worlds, Glamping is glamorous camping where after roughing it you get to retire in luxury�s lap.

The New York Times recently profiled this new trend and a few glamping venues which offer a mix of amenities ranging from tepees to antique dressers, all stressing a strong eco-conscious theme. Amenities vary depending on where you go, but many glamping packages include things like big, plush beds in your tent, personal butlers, gourmet food, wi-fi internet access, spa services (in a tent), and top shelf wine, liquor, cigars, etc. Rates start around $695 a night for a couple and can go as high as $50,000 a week for a family.

Call it nature on a silver plate, venues in Europe, Canada and the US. One of the most luxurious glamping sites is Paws Up in Montana where campers stay in cabins or tents, �complete with king-sized beds and art on the walls, a personal butler and private master bath (though it is a short walk away). Surrender to the soft nature!

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