Double Decker Seating System for Wide-Body Aircraft

Just a concept for now, the Airborne Hotel also known as abh, is creating a flutter in the skies with its impending application. It’s an innovative seating system for wide-body aircraft that optimizes the available cabin space in the lines of double-decker system. Roomy and ensuring a fully-reclining seat-bed for every passenger on board, this concept maintains and even increases the passenger capacity of an aircraft. Entry for the ‘Create the Future Design Contest’ this is conceptualized by a team of Mexican-based designers and engineers.
The design’s functionality is based on the bi-level configuration of its seating modules, which enables the utilization of the otherwise empty overhead space in an aircraft cabin. . This kind of modular system will offer luxurious freedom without throwing its weight on the aircraft because the modules’ honeycomb structure enables the use of lighter materials Not exactly a luxury concept but then who said that comfort isn’t luxury?

With such well designed seating options, air-travelers can chuck their “crammed space woes” outside the aircraft’s cabin. Here’s for passengers to get a more comfortable flight, without their airfares skyrocketing.
Via Core77 , AirlineBlog
Airborne Hotel

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