SX02 Flight Simulator: A never before experience

Not all of us have the means and the luck to fly a jet, but can still give wings to our fantasy by dreaming about it. Science has taken our dream one step ahead by developing simulators that can make one feel as if one is actually flying a jet.
The recently introduced SX02 Flight Simulator promises to give you first hand flying experience albeit air crash and all. Fascinating enough, but I am sure that the price of the simulator would be a damper for most of us. Spending $9,500 is not everybody’s cup of tea so most of us can only window shop the simulator! Or you may go to our earlier post where we have scanned all the simulators to give you the top 11. For now, let me describe this dream machine a little more.

The SX02 claims to be the mother of all flight simulators as it comes along with surround sound and surround screens to make the experience as close to reality as possible. It comes along with HOTAS Joystick and a tension adjustable hand throttle too. Price is the only factor that is not so perfect in this otherwise perfect piece but as they say, All good things come with a price tag attached!

flight simulator

flight simulator

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