Batmobile from Batman Returns May Set a Record Price

News is Batman enthusiasts can now start saving their fortune as here is an opportunity for them to make up to headlines. The Batmobile from Batman Returns flick is all set to be auctioned off at the 38th annual Kruse International Auction scheduled for 28-31 August followed by 1-2 September (Labor Day weekend) at the 480 acre Kruse Auction Park in Auburn, Indiana. It is being said that the model one of the five Batmobiles witnessed making shots in the movie Batman Returns.


After an exhaustive research, one gets to know that less precious non-movie promotional Bat mobiles got sold for $550,000 plus, which offers a neat chance for the masterpiece to set a record price at an upcoming auction. The Comics sales approval agreement from Warner Bros. & DC clearly validates that the number “3” “Movie” Batmobile is a guaranteed lifetime opportunity to be the proud owner of the grand model from movie history. For more details, prospective bidders may reach Kruse International.

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